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Community Participation

Community gatheringIn our community participations, we rely on one another to help us thrive and grow in the different things we do, and building bridges of belonging that link us to one another. NSC believes that we as human beings are social creatures that develop different kinds of suffering when our human connections are lost. Furthermore, we believe that social isolation is not only an affliction of the mind and soul but also impacts our body – which include affecting our physical health and emotional life.

Our community programs which mostly revolve around people’s participation is a result to the growing concern that loneliness is a serious problem, with far reaching implications not just for individuals, but also for the wider communities. Undeniably, social isolation is a serious condition which can affect a person’s mental and physical health very detrimentally.

It has also been researched and investigated that people experience social isolation for a variety of reasons such as discrimination, lack of employment, being homeless or generally being in situations where they feel like their ideas and opinions are not valued. People in such situations are mostly vulnerable to effects such as: developing anxiety, depression, mental illness, insomnia, tiredness, and elevated blood pressure, increased chance of developing dementia, negative feelings, including self-denial, guilt, self-harm, suicide thoughts, substance misuse, as well as physical health implications and worsening illness.

To combat both social isolation and its effects, NSC all-round the year plan community activities where each of us can play a part in curing someone else’s isolation, and in the process, build our own resilience.

To reduce or avoid socially isolation, NSC embarks on various programs which include:

  • Community-OutingOutings and picnic with variety of foods, where we invite members and families of our and other local communities. We also use moments like this to discuss the importance of reconciliation, community participation, our action plans and what it means to be involved in community programs, as we enjoy great food and company.
  • Engaging in various recreational activities – We encourage our members to participate regularly in moderate physical activities, which lead to various health and social benefits such as: reduced risk of heart disease & developing high blood pressure, prevention of some cancers, being overweight, and osteoporosis; bone and muscle developments, and improved quality of sleep
  • .Also, we plan various activitiesYouth-Dance, such as dancing, running, and field games, to help engage adults, our youth and children in activities that not only keep them fit and healthy, but also provide all kinds of social, emotional and intellectual benefits as well as benefits that include:
  • Social interaction – Our social interactions help participants develop skills such as cooperation and teamwork, and a great way to have fun, meet new people and develop friendships;
  • Improved emotional wellbeing – The regular activities we plan help young children feel more confident, happy and relaxed, with improved self-esteem and self-concept
  • increased capacity for learning and productivity – NSC believes that active children are generally more motivated and better organised than children who are inactive, and physical activity has direct links to improved learning outcomes;
  • a more positive school environment – Most of our youth and children are active students who are generally less aggressive and experience fewer discipline problems;
  • a reduction in anti-social behaviour – One thing we stand to be proud of our children is that they are less likely to smoke, use illicit drugs or be involved in criminal activity