Irving Papay Philips – President

Joining the Ndaegbomei Social Club Inc. in September 2009 was one of the greatest decision Irving said he has ever made in terms of community participation.

In today’s increasingly demanding social environment, social groups have the absolute responsibility to demonstrate commitments, skills, and dedication to their members’ cause every time they undertake work on behalf of the community they represent. Consequently, having something valuable to offer to the youth of the association by the time he joined the group, he had no time to waste but bring them together for the common goal and purpose of the group through dancing, acting, public concerts, educational skills, and excursions etc.  Later that year (2009), he was appointed the youth coordinator after an astounding youth performance during the 2009 Ndaegbomei Social Club Inc. End-of-Year program. His role as the Youth Coordinator continued for approximately four years, a period that saw him lead the youth group in activities like, hosting one of the most vibrant multicultural youth show in 2011, performing and conducting dance workshops at festivals like the Multicultural Development Association (MDA)-World Refugee Day program, WOODFEST, Gold Coast Festivals, and perform dramas in community programs and church events.

Later in 2013, he was elected as the organisation’s Secretary. Undeniably, prior to his role as the secretary there were others who were more dedicated and skilled in administrative duties that paved the way of easy responsibility for him. None the less, he did introduce some cardinal mechanisms of administration that helped shape what the organisation’s administration is today. Some of the things he achieved as secretary included: helping to identify and achieve mutual affiliation documentation system, direct supervision of position descriptions, standardisation of work processes, identifying people with specific job specialisation, behaviour and assigning tasks to them accordingly. He also suggested an action plan that contributed to the organisation becoming a social activity providing group and a sustainable one. For example, he suggested that the group complete a constitution as per the government requirements that meets international not-for-profit requirements, fully supported aid-donation to countries in need, like the Ebola rice donation in Sierra Leone, and helped format the income strategy that saw the organisation gains more fund in a single year than previous years.

Subsequently, at the end of his term in office as secretary he was elected to the position of the President, with a no-contested vote. Since then, Irving has proven to be a philanthropic leader who is working tirelessly around the clock to ensure the organisation meets its demands. Furthermore, he achieved the best leadership award for 2016/17.

At the end of Irving’s first tenure in office, he was re-elected as president with a no contested vote, purposely for his endless and tireless contributions in the community at large. Over the years, he has headed projects that saw international artists traveled to Australia for special community events hosted by Ndaegbomei Social Club Inc. His contributions have been endless, as he continues to embark on a never-ending community projects for the interest of all.