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Osman Sankoh

Usman Sankoh Osman Sankoh is 12 years old and is in class 4. He lives in a village called Rolath in Marfoki chiefdom Port Loko District. He lost his parents (Momoh Sankoh and Sampa Sankoh) to Ebola during the Ebola crises in Sierra Leone. His late parents contacted the virus through a funeral both attended at a neighboring house. Three days after the funeral both started experiencing the signs and symptoms (fever, headache and weakness). With these, the headman called the alert number (117). The swap team came and took their blood sample for the test; this process took a very long time. When the team came to confirm to the other family members that they are Ebola positive, they met the victims including their granddaughter dead and buried by the community people Osman Sankoh is now living with his uncle who is a farmer. This leads to subsequent death in the village. Picture2