As you may be aware, Sierra Leone has gone through an eleven years (1991 – 2002) of senseless, brutal, murderous, and blood carnage civil war that left more than 50,000 people dead, close to 2 million people displaced, millions of dollars’ worth of properties destroyed; and living hundreds of thousands vulnerable children and women with no family and a home to return to. Apparently, the country was among the three countries who were infested with the Ebola epidemic in 2014, that left approximately another 4,000 (3,956) people dead in just Sierra Leone within an 18 months period, from May 2014 to November 2015 (according to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, March 2016).,

Today we have thousands of children who have no hope of making it to school, not alone being able to live an average life.

Ndaegbomei Social Club Inc. has taken the initiative to sponsor vulnerable kids, across the country, with their education expenses. See our current beneficiaries:

  • Aruna Koroma

    Aruna is an Ebola survivor, who lost his father and mother to the deadly Ebola disease. Aruna, got the disease via his mother, who contracted the disease from attending an Ebola related funeral. Aruna's father, who was the primary carer of his wife while she was sick also contracted the disease, and both of them subsequently died. He and his two siblings are presently under the care of their elder sister who is also a senior secondary school pupil who does petty trading after school to support her younger siblings.

  • Abubakar Lebbie

    Abubakar Lebbie is an orphan who lost both of his parents to the Ebola disease. Her mother was a health worker at the Daru health center. She contracted the disease while treating a patient that was Ebola positive unnoticed.

  • Baindu Kanneh

    Baindu Kanneh became an orphan after her father and mother got infected by the Ebola virus and died. According to Baindu her parents got the infection from other people in a village called ‘Peyela, in the Guma area, Jawei chiefdom were they went to farm...

  • Amara Fomba

    Amara Fomba is an orphan, who lost both his parents (mother & father) to the deadly Ebola disease. Amara is not only an orphan but a survivor as well. He first got the virus before his parents. His two parents contracted the virus from him when he came to spend a vacation with them in Bonumbu...

  • Foday Garner

    Foday Garner is a pupil of the Njaluahun Secondary school. His father, Shaka Garner was a security officer attached at the Nixon hospital in Segbwema. He got infected with the Ebola virus from a patient, who was admitted at the hospital, fell on the ground and went to his aid...

  • Kadiatu Conteh

    Kadiatu is 15 years old, and losts both her parents to Ebola. She was in grade 5 and no longer continue her education because her foster parent cannot afford her schooling responsibility.